Interview with Death Project

Project: "Interview with Death" (working title)
Format: CGI-animated television series
Running time: 20 series planned (3 minutes each in the 1st season)
Language: English
Launch date: November 2012
Completion date: October 2013

CGI-animated television series «Interview with Death» is a joint production of a Russian studio "Animatograf" and Lithuanian "TROSTON Studio", and is part of the production company TROSTON Partners 2012-2013 working portfolio with the financial participation of investors.

"Animatograf" is currently working on script and stage work, characters, background objects as well as project screenplay creation.

The TV series is designed for the widest possible international audience over 14 years of age and of various religious confessions, and is dedicated to the theme of "Life and Death" in the philosophical and mystical manner.

The basis of the main fable and storylines is creatively reworked numerous literary and folkloric materials on the mystery of death.

Particular project importance has been placed in redefining European "medical" aspirations to infinity of human life through the depth of prism of East Asian philosophy in the importance of Death, as a stage of personal rebirth and the way of improving the Spirit.

The story is being told by the Death, the main character of the project, which by the story of the TV series, has decided to respond directly by means of modern IT-tools to the most pressing and most frequently asked questions of humanity.

Monologues from its face are lined up in such way that the given answer could not be considered as final and at the same time it contains hints for inquiring minds on current issues of our life.

Thus, the Death speaks out on many very difficult and important issues, such as murder and suicide, selfishness and self-sacrifice, insatiable consumption and reasonable self-restraint, self-indulgence and asceticism, even Love and Hate…

Together with that, the Death sometimes has its strange understanding of human laws and emotions, and its views seem naive at times, but once again it forces to think about ordinary human logic. Such approach of the author allows TV series to get rid of moralizing tone and dogmatic colors; it waves organically melancholic irony and sharp satire into stories.

Unique image of Death is created by means of CGI-animation based on pan-European mythologies, widely used all over the world. In this case, however, it is not just a human skeleton, but the anthropomorphic supreme mystical Creature that looks aesthetically pleasing despite the outer bone tissues.

In order to enhance the quality and comfort of TV viewing, the series is using the best of what VFX-technologies have to offer.

The Project’s mission is to create a modern, positive and intellectual television content with the constructive influence especially to the young audience, allowing personal development and properly choosing life’s goals and values.

Additional information
Work on a Season 2 of this Project is already underway with reformatting the series to 22 minutes, and adding Death’s memory staged-game scenes with commencing shooting of European English-speaking actors in Lithuania according to scenarios written by Dmitriy Aleynikov. Shooting of the Pilot series will start in June-July 2013, in Vilnius. Real action shots combining with CGI-frame technologies will be used.